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Who We Are

About The Beulah Valley Arts Council

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Beulah Valley Arts and Council is to provide a nurturing environment for creative artist to discover, develop and express artistic vision that contributes to the enduring vitality and strengths of this community. Beulah Valley Arts Council is a non-profit organization working to enure that The Beulah Valley is A Community Alive with the Arts! Our mission is to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the literary, visual and performing arts in Colorado in order to enhance the quality of life in our area. Our ongoing goals are to champion the arts in The Beulah Valley, to support practicing artists and local art organizations, to encourage economic development through the arts and to facilitate the growth of our community into regional arts destination.


By Mail: P.O. Box 41, Beulah, CO 81023,

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Board Members:

President - Lorrie Scott

Beulah is in my roots. I have come and gone from Beulah throughout my life and I seem to always return. I first moved to Beulah with my family in 1969 and worked in the family business "the host" restaurant. After traveling and living around the world for past 8 years, I am now proud to be back in Beulah and to be part of continuing the Beulah  63 year old  Arts and Crafts show…I have a background in putting events together, it's easy for me. We are planning on adding several more dimensions to this year's show. 


Vice President - Amy Rye

My husband moved to Beulah in 2013 and I followed in 2014 after taking an early retirement from Frito-Lay. Together, this was our 6th move. We were looking for somewhere to put our roots down and we found it in Beulah. We've been told that it takes at least 50 years before you're not considered new in Beulah, so I guess we have a while. We're loving it here and being part of the Arts Council is another way to say "I'm home". Since I dabble in photography (okay, it's more than dabbling), this area provides a wealth of material. Plus, our 2 Labradors, Bruiser and Big Delores, are loving it here,too. I look forward to learning and sharing with the community.


Secretary- Carol Fortino

Carol Fortino grew up roaming around Beulah from her grandparents’ home on Middle Creek.  She is now a retired  professor who moved to Beulah in 2002.  After her vocation of teaching science and environmental education at local, national and international levels, she finally found time for her avocation - writing.  She has published three poetry books: “When the Bus Stops”, “Sketches on a Napkin” and “Somewhere Between”.  Her two novels are: “The Rings of Hubris” and Driving Forces.”  When she is not traveling, she thoroughly enjoys living in Beulah and being part of this great community.


Secretary- Amber Bartuswicz

My husband and I are from New Jersey but have family in Pueblo West and Trinidad. After moving out west for a change of pace in 2014, were driving through Beulah one evening  in the late spring of 2015 with a baby on the way and thought “what a beautiful place to live”.  By October of that year, we bought our first home here and were busy sending pictures of our new baby in our big back yard to all of our friends and family back in New Jersey. Since then we have settled into a peaceful, quiet existence here and we are enjoying all the quirks that life in Beulah has to offer. When the opportunity came up to participate in the Arts Council, I welcomed the opportunity to put my background in event planning and local arts to work. I look forward to continuing  Beulah traditions.



Treasurer- Leah Russell

Leah Russell came to Beulah by way of Louisiana in 2007 and knew from the  moment she saw this beautiful valley it was home.  Mother of 4, wife of one and owner of 2 businesses in Pueblo she has also been the President of the  Beulah Boosters and was a founding member of B.E.S.T.  She is excited to help continue and grow the great Beulah traditions and community outreach the Beulah Valley Art Council supports.

History of the Beulah Yule Log Festival

This wonderful tradition has been a part of Beulah's history since 1952.  It was started by then residents Gene and Nona Miller.  They had attended the Palmer Lake, Colorado festival in 1951 and thought Beulah should have a festival of its own.  They brought back a splinter of the Palmer Lake log and in 1952, the first fire of the Beulah Yule Log Festival was started with that splinter.

 The event takes place in the Mountain Park in Beulah, centering the festival around an 8 foot long pine log that is hidden in the park months before the day.  Sometimes it is buried in the snow, and sometimes it might be hidden in an upright position.  Much fanfare and music begins the program.  

 Tradition has included a Yule Bunde girl dressed in a colorful Swedish outfit feeding the winter birds and a real live-fake boars head!!  A trumpeter calls the hunt, and anyone can go out into the woods to look for the log or can stay at the stone lodge and sing carols.  When the log is found, the finder must yell HALUEB - which is Beulah spelled backwards - to alert all the other hunters that the log has been found.  The finder is then seated on the log and rides back to the pavilion, pulled by the unlucky hunters.  There, the log cutter cuts the log in two.  Half will be put on the fire and the other half will be kept to start the next year's fire.  After toasting the finder with wassail - and bestowing upon him/her a keepsake mug - everyone is invited to taste the spicy hot apple drink and partake of homemade cookies provided by the residents of the Beulah Valley.

 We invite everyone to bring their family and friends and help keep this wonderful tradition alive!

The Unique Beulah Valley Arts & Crafts Fair

The backbone of the show is the ability to purchase original art from the artist who created it. Works range from pottery to paintings; prints and photography; fabric and fiber art; wood and metal craft; sculpture and mixed media; glass art and bead work; soaps, jams and jellies; woven, sewn, knitted, natural textiles, and creative objects from new, recycled, or repurposed materials. Most works are displayed by the artist or family member, and shipping and commissioned pieces are available. There are always astounding pieces to buy and treasure.